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Our Approach

Everyone needs a goal

Making healthy kids is our goal.  In Track To Ten, we believe that keeping it simple and making it fun and rewarding is the key to helping children develop good habits that stay with them as they grow.

Earning 10 credits per day is the program goal.  Kids earn credits for eating healthy foods and doing healthy activities.  Providing a goal of reaching 10 credits per day gives children something to work towards, while teaching them what is healthy - and what is not so healthy.

Our Story

Too Much of a good thing

Too much of anything usually isn't good. Track To Ten teaches children about moderation. For example, most children like to eat SWEETS, and some - in moderation - is fine.  Track To Ten allows a couple of SWEETS per day, but does not give credit for eating them. If the child eats too many SWEETS however, Track To Ten provides a message to the child and then deducts credits for eating too many SWEETS - thereby teaching them that some is ok, but too many is not healthy.

Our beliefs

Habits are hard to change.  Keeping a log and tracking helps kids visualize where they're doing well and where they could do better.

Encouraging messages promotes healthy behaviors and helps kids stay on track!

About Us

We love anything to do with living healthy, feeling good, having energy and enjoying life!   Eating well, playing a sport, going outside for some sunshine and getting enough sleep are all things that we encourage kids to do!

Providing a simple game with a goal of tracking to 10 credits for making healthy food choices and doing healthy activities is a way to help children develop awareness and be mindful of what they eat and do, so they can enjoy life to the fullest.


Gaining Strength

Outside Activities


Eating Healthy

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Having Fun

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