Healthy Kids grow up to be Healthy Adults

Let's give kids the best chance to grow up healthy and lead happy and productive lives.

TRACK TO TEN is an easy effective app that helps kids be mindful about what they eat and what they do throughout the day.

TRACK TO TEN helps educate kids about healthy choices.  Each choice can have a positive impact on their overall health.

TRACK TO TEN teaches moderation.  Having 1-2 servings of SWEETS per day is "ok"; however, more than that is not healthy.  Likewise, everyone watches some TV or plays on Electronics; however, too much is not good for you.  TRACK TO TEN gently messages kids about their food and activity choices, while encouraging them to reach 10 credits of "healthy" per day!


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Children ages 9 to 15 years can TRACK TO TEN each day.  A fun and easy way to learn about healthy foods and healthy activities.  Tracking to 10 credits per day gives children an achievable goal while they become more mindful of their food and activity choices. 


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Track To Ten is easy and effective.

Encourage kids to eat healthy and do healthy activities each day.

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